Research in Plant Disease 2011;17(2):191-195.
Published online August 30, 2011.
풋고추 접목시스템에서 Tobamovirus 감염에 의한 접수 고사
최국선, 조점덕, 정봉남, 조인숙, 최승국
Cause of the Scion Death in Green Pepper Grafting System by a Tobamovirus
Gug Seoun Choi, Jeom Deog Cho, Bong Nam Chung, In Sook Cho, Sung Kook Choi
This experiment was attempted to investigate a cause of the scion death in green pepper grafting system. A tobamovirus particle examined in the rootstock of the sample but not in the scion showing necrosis. The virus isolated from the rootstock was identified as Pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV), pepper tobamovirus pathotype P1.2. (PMMoV-2), by nucleotide sequence analysis and host plant reaction. The virus isolate infected systematically in 6 commercial rootstock varieties using for green pepper grafting seedling production. Green pepper varieties ``Long green mart`` and ``Daechan`` represented resistance to the virus showing local lesions only on the inoculated leaves and ``Manitda`` was systematically infected. In the experiment with grafting ``Long green mart`` or ``Daechan`` onto the those rootstocks, the upper leaves of the scions first showed vein necrosis and wilt symptoms 7 days after inoculation with PMMoV-2 on the cotyledon of the rootstock, following to the scion stem necrosis and then only the scion death. The virus was detected in the rootstock but not in the scion. However, ``Manitda`` of susceptible variety in the grafting system showed mottle symptom on the leaves of the scion but not necrosis on the plant. PMMoV-3 isolate, pepper tobamovirus pathotype P1.2.3, did not cause the scion death in the grafting system. All of the varieties were susceptible to PMMoV-3. These results suggest that the scion death is caused by infecting with pepper tobamovirus pathotype P1.2. in the green pepper grafting system combined with the susceptible rootstock and the resistance scion to the virus pathotype.
Key Words: Grafting, Green pepper, Pathotype, Resistance, Tobamovirus

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