Research in Plant Disease 2011;17(2):148-154.
Published online August 30, 2011.
당근 유기재배를 위한 검은잎마름병과 검은무늬병 종자소독제 선발
이재은, 용영록, 권순배, 김병섭
Screening of Seed Treatment Agents against Leaf Blight and Black Root Rot for Carrot Organic Cultivation
Jae Eun Lee, Young Rok Yeoung, Soon Bae Kwon, Byung Sup Kim
This study was conducted to control the seed borne pathogens (Alternaria spp.) of carrot and to examine the seed germination rate by using 13 environment friendly agricultural materials instead of conventional chemicals for organic cultivation. The growth inhibiting effects on pathogens showed the different responses according to each agricultural material and effective 7 materials against seed borne pathogens were selected. Among 7 materials, the carrot seeds sterilized with plant extracts, Tanger Stop and Land Saver were not germinated at all. The germination rate of seeds sterilized with other materials showed the similar levels with reference chemical (Benlate-T) and non-treated seeds. Infection rates of seeds sterilized with seaweed extract, Bellopper for controlling A. radicina and plant extract, Ssial-100 for A. dauci were similar or low infection rate compared with reference chemical. The germination rate and root length of seeds sterilized with Bellopper and Ssial-100 was similar or superior to those of chemical sterilized seeds. The optimal condition seemed to be a little bit different depending on the concentration of materials. As a result, the sterilization of carrot seeds by using the environment friendly materials could be effectively utilized as a technology to inhibit the infection of seed-borne pathogens.
Key Words: Alternaria radicina, A. dauci, Environmental friendly agricultural materials, Seed sterilization

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