Research in Plant Disease 2009;15(3):193-197.
Published online December 30, 2009.
포도 캠벨얼리의 무가온 하우스재배시 지역별 갈색무늬병 발생차이
정성민, 박종한, 박서준, 이한찬, 이재욱, 류명상
Regional Differences of Leaf Spot Disease on Grapevine cv. "Campbell Early" Caused by Pseudocercospora vitis in Plastic Green House
Sung Min Jung, Jong Han Park, Seo Jun Park, Han Chan Lee, Jae Wook Lee, Myung Sang Ryu
Pseudocercospora leaf spot was major disease of grape cultivar ``Campbell Early`` in Korea. Leaf spot first appeared in early June and rapidly dispersed to other leaves through rainy season. Disease progress of leaf spot by Pseudocercospora vitis in plastic green house, in the two provinces (Gimje and Gimcheon), were investigated in 2007. Differences of Infected leaves (%) between cultivation systems were observed in field and plastic green house, but there was no difference between provinces. Micro environmental factors, such as temperature and relative humidity, were correlated with infected leaves by PROC REG procedure of SAS (Statistical Analysis System). As a result, regression model best described (R2=0.95**) the infected leaves as a function of the interaction of cumulated temperatures; Y (Infected leaves)=-7.0101+0.0496×20Hcum (Cumulated hour above 20 degree)+0.0208×20cum (Cumulated temperature above 20 degree)-0.2781× 25Hcum (Cumulated hour above 25 degree). A statistics model was shown that cumulated hour and temperature above specific degree were critical factor for Pseudocercospora leaf spot on the grapevine leaves in plastic green house.
Key Words: Grapevine, Leap spot, Microclimate factors, Pseudocercospora vitis

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