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Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:1-87
A Proposed Manual for the Efficient Management of Kiwifruit Bacterial Canker in Korea
Young Jin Koh, Gyoung Hee Kim, and Jae Sung Jung
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:1-18
An Effective and Practical Strategy for Biocontrol of Plant Diseases Using On-Site Mass Cultivation of Chitin-Degrading Bacteria
Young-Cheol Kim, Beom Ryong Kang, Yong Hwan Kim, and Seur Kee Park
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:19-34
Research Articles
Biovars of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae Strains, the Causal Agent of Bacterial Canker of Kiwifruit, Isolated in Korea
Young Sun Lee, Jin Kim, Gyoung Hee Kim, Eu Ddeum Choi, Young Jin Koh, and Jae Sung Jung
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:35-41
Ultra-structural Observations of Colletotrichum orbiculare on Cucumber Leaves Pre-treated with Chlorella fusca
Yun Ju Lee, Su Jeong Kim, and Yong Chull Jeun
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:42-48
Correlation between the Dieback Ratio and Cultivation Environment for Apple Orchards Infected by Soil-Borne Diseases in Chungbuk Province
Sung-Hee Lee, Yeuseok Kwon, Hyunman Shin, Ik-Jei Kim, Sang-Young Nam, Eui Yon Hong, Daeil Kim, and Jae-Soon Cha
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:49-55
Sclerotinia Rot on Basil Caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Korea
Soo Sang Hahm, Byoung Ryun Kim, Kwang Seop Han, Mi Kyung Kwon, and In Hee Park
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:56-59
Resistance Evaluation of Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) Inbred Lines against Turnip mosaic virus
Ju-Yeon Yoon, Gug-Seoun Choi, Su Kim, and Seung-Kook Choi
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:60-64
Detection of Barley yellow mosaic virus from Soil Using Nested PCR
Joong-Hwan Lee, Chang-Gi Son, Joong-Bae Kwon, Hyo-Hun Nam, Yeong-Tae Kim, Bong-Choon Lee, and Dong-Bum Shin
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:65-68
Occurrence of Viruses Infecting Foxtail Millet (Setaria italica) in South Korea
Chung Youl Park, Hyun-Geun Min, Hong-Kyu Lee, Yoon Ah Yeom, Jonghee Oh, Bong-Sub Kim, Dae-Hyeon Bae, Young-Nam Yoon, and Su-Heon Lee
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:69-74
First Report of Apricot pseudo-chlorotic leaf spot virus Infecting Peach Trees in South Korea
Sangmin Bak, Euncheol Seo, San Yeong Kim, Won Heum Park, and Su-Heon Lee
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:75-81
Incidence of Viral Diseases and Occurrence of Three Unreported Viruses in Yams in Korea
Joong-Hwan Lee, Chung Youl Park, Ha-Jeong Cho, Jonghee Oh, Bong-Sub Kim, Eun Hey Park, Chang-Gi Son, and Su-Heon Lee
Res. Plant Dis. 2017; 23:82-87
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Research in Plant Disease (Res. Plant Dis.) is an international journal for papers related to fundamental research that advances understanding of the nature of plant diseases and rapid reporting of research on new diseases, epidemics and methods for disease.......
A Review of Detection Methods for the Plant Viruses
Joo-jin Jeong, Ho-jong Ju* and Jaejong Noh**
Received July 31, 2014; Accepted September 4, 2014.
Environmental Factors on the Development of Root Rot on Ginseng Caused by Cylindrocarpon destructans
Jung Sup Lee*, Kyung Sook Han, Seong Chan Lee, Jae Woo Soh and Doo Wook Kim
Received February 28, 2014; Accepted May 28, 2014.
Update on the Effects of Sound Wave on Plants
Md. Emran Khan Chowdhury, Hyoun-Sub Lim* and Hanhong Bae
Received October 15, 2013; Accepted February 20, 2014.

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