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Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:103-55
Phytobiome as a Potential Factor in Nitrogen-Induced Susceptibility to the Rice Blast Disease
Junhyun Jeon*
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:103-107
Research Articles
Evaluation of Disease Resistance of Rice Cultivar Developed in North Korea
Hyunjung Chung, In Jeong Kang, Jung-Wook Yang, Jae-Hwan Roh, Hyeong-Kwon Shim, and Sunggi Heu*
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:108-113
In Vitro Quantum Dot LED to Inhibit the Growth of Major Pathogenic Fungi and Bacteria in Lettuce
이현구 · 김상우 · 마헤시 아드히카리 · 순 쿠말 구룽 · 세투 바지에 · 산 꼬설 · 권병헌 · 주한준 · 고영욱 · 김용득 · 유용환 · 박태희 · 신정철 · 김민하 · 이윤수
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:114-123
Occurrence and Vertical Distribution of Meloidogyne incognita in Chinese Yam (Dioscorea batatas)
Giyoon Kwon, Heonil Kang, Jongmin Seo, Eulsoo Yun, Namsook Park, and Insoo Choi
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:124-130
Diagnosis of Cylindrocarpon destructans Using Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Taiying Li, Sungyeon Ji, Boknam Jung, Bo Yeon Kim, Kwang Sik Lee, Mun Won Seo, Sung Woo Lee, Jungkwan Lee, and Seung-Ho Lee
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:131-135
Screening of Bacterial Strains for Alleviating Drought Stress in Chili Pepper Plants
Sang Tae Kim, Sung-Je Yoo, Jaekyeong Song, Hang-Yeon Weon, and Mee Kyung Sang
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:136-142
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First Report of a Bracken Blight Disease Caused by Didymella sp.
Jung Eun Lee, Ki Beom Kim, Ju Eun Park, Da-Woon Kim, Yoo-Kyoung Shin, Sung-Hwan Yun, and Young-Ryun Chung
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:143-148
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Nematode-Trapping Fungi Showed Different Predacity among Nematode Species
Heonil Kang, Insoo Choi, Namsook Park, Changhwan Bae, and Donggeun Kim
Res. Plant Dis. 2019; 25:149-155
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Research in Plant Disease (Res. Plant Dis.) is an international journal for papers related to fundamental research that advances understanding of the nature of plant diseases and rapid reporting of research on new diseases, epidemics and methods for disease.......
A Review of Detection Methods for the Plant Viruses
Joo-jin Jeong, Ho-jong Ju* and Jaejong Noh**
Received July 31, 2014; Accepted September 4, 2014.
Plant Immunity against Viruses: Moving from the Lab to the Field
Nam-Yeon Kim, Jin-Sung Hong, and Rae-Dong Jeong
Received January 30, 2018; Accepted February 20, 2018.
Environmental Factors on the Development of Root Rot on Ginseng Caused by Cylindrocarpon destructans
Jung Sup Lee*, Kyung Sook Han, Seong Chan Lee, Jae Woo Soh and Doo Wook Kim
Received February 28, 2014; Accepted May 28, 2014.