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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Information of SMoV isolates analyzed in this study

IsolateHostaYearCountryAccession No.Reference
MHF. × ananassa cv. Mihong2017KoreaMG418837Present study
MaeHF. × ananassa cv. Maehyang2018KoreaMN520311Present study
SH-PF. × ananassa cv. Seolhyang2018KoreaMN520312Present study
STF. × ananassa cv. Santa2018KoreaMN520314Present study
GS-GF. × ananassa cv. Geumsil2018KoreaMN520309Present study
GS-SF. × ananassa cv. Geumsil2019KoreaMN520310Present study
SH-SF. × ananassa cv. Seolhyang2019KoreaMN520313Present study
1134F. vesca1987NetherlandAJ311876Thompson et al. (2002)
197-3AF. × ananassa1989Czech RepublicAJ496589Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
197-3BF. vesca UC41989Czech RepublicAJ496590Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1141F. vesca UC51987NetherlandAJ496581Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1166F. vesca UC51987NetherlandAJ496582Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1265F. vesca UC51987NetherlandAJ496584Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1266F. vesca UC51987NetherlandAJ496585Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1278F. vesca UC51987NetherlandAJ496586Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1280F. vesca UC51987NetherlandAJ496587Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1509-4F. vesca UC51999PolandAJ496588Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
1248F. virginiana1999PolandAJ496583Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
3CHF. chiloensis2001ChileAJ496591Thompson and Jelkmann (2003)
CN1F. × ananassa cv. Hokowase2005ChinaAY919307Yang et al. (2007)
NSper3F. × ananassa2013CanadaKU200457Bhagwat et al. (2016)
NSper17F. × ananassa2013CanadaKU200459Bhagwat et al. (2016)
NSper51F. × ananassa2013CanadaKU200461Bhagwat et al. (2016)
NB926F. × ananassa2014CanadaKU200454Bhagwat et al. (2016)
OntarioF. × ananassa2014CanadaKU177219Bhagwat et al. (2016)
AGF. × ananassa2018IranMK303324Unpublished
K3F. × ananassa2018IranMK303320Unpublished
K9F. × ananassa2018IranMK303322Unpublished
SQAF. × ananassa2018IranMK303323Unpublished
SS2F. × ananassa2018IranMK303321Unpublished

Host description: species or indicator plant (UC4, F. vesca and Fragaria virginiana bybrid; UC5, F. vesca, F. chiloensis, and F. virginiana hybrid).

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