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Table. 5.

Table. 5.

Percent blast diseased panicles of rice cultivar, 'Dongjin 1 ho' grown in plots with two levels of nitrogen application, and weather conditions during heading periods in rice diseases and pests monitoring fields in 2014

LocationPercent diseased panicles (%)Amount of nitrogen application (kg/10a)Heading date of riceWeather conditions during 11 days starting from 5 days before heading date

Standard nitrogenaDouble nitrogenbStandard nitrogenaDouble nitrogenbAverage air temperature (°C)Rainfall (mm)Rainy days (day)Sunshine duration (hr/day)
Changwon1.03.812.022.016 Aug24.1236.573.7
Miryang6.868.810.832.420 Aug24.3271.572.6
Uiryeong0. Aug22.8334.591.7
Haman6.311.59.018.020 Aug22.8291.582.2
Changnyeong0. Aug23.6244.082.6
Sancheong1. Aug23.1235.593.5

Standard amount of nitrogen application.

Double amount of nitrogen application.

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