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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Control efficacy of fungicides against jujube anthracnose in Gunwi of Gyeongbuk

FungicideDiseased fruitsa (%)Control valueb (%)
Untreated control37.7±12.5 ac-
Kresoxim-methyl5.0±3.6 b86.7±9.6 a
Fluazinam4.7±5.5 b87.6±14.6 a
Metconazole7.3±6.8 b80.5±18.1 a
Tebuconazole8.7±4.2 b77.0±11.0 a
Mancozeb4.7±4.6 b87.6±12.2 a
Folpet3.0±2.6 b92.0±7.0 a

Randomly 100 fruits were selected per each tree and the percentage of diseased fruits was determined by examining the number of diseased fruits.

The control value of each treatment was calculated by the following formula. Control value (%)=(1–the ratio of diseased fruits of each fungicide-treatment/that of the treatment without any fungicide)×100.

Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different by Duncan multiple range test (P<0.05).

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