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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Antimicrobial activities of various nano materials against different fungal isolates from cucurbit seeds

Nano materials and carriesInhibition rate (%)

Penicillium pinophilumTalaromyces purpureogenusAspergillus tubingensisAspergillus fumigatusRhizopus stolonifer
G-Ni71.76 da52.94 d62.71 d57.29 e100 e
Graphite0 a0 a0 a0 a7.06 b
MgO-Fe-A27.05 b27.41 c29.41 b23.88 bcd33.76 c
mFe054.12 c26.71 bc27.41 b28.24 d66.71 d
nFe20.82 b22.35 bc40.06 c17.65 a-d3.88 a
2040Awb2.0 a0 a0 a5.53 ab25.53 bc
2040Aw-Fe (10%)18.47 b11.41 ab0 a22.71 bcd8.59 ab
2040Aw-Mn (5%)15.65 b29.06 c0 a8.59 abc14.12 abc
2040Aw-Mn-Ag (3%)21.53 b22.71 bc3.88 a24.70 cd30.59 a
2040Aw-Mn-Cu-Ag (10%)0 a0 a9.76 a0 a18.82 abc
Brass/CaCO3 (1,000 ppm)100 e100 e100 e100 f100 e
Control0 a0 a0 a0 a0 a

Average value of three repetitions. Means followed by the same letter(s) in each column are not significantly different based on Duncan multiple range test (P≤0.05).

2040Aw: activated carbon.

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