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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

List of nano materials used in this study

Method usedaCarrierNano metal hybrid materials usedAbbreviations
AGraphiteGraphite coated NiG-Ni
AMicro-sized Fe0MgO-coated micro Fe0MgO/Fe-A
-(>100 µm)-mFe0
-No carrierNano-sized Fe (<100 µm)nFe
-Activated carbon (2040Aw)-2040Aw
AActivated carbon‒coated Fe 10%2040Aw/Fe (10%)
AActivated carbon‒coated Mn 5%2040Aw/Mn (5%)
AActivated carbon‒coated Mn/Ag 3%2040Aw/Mn/Ag (3%)
AActivated carbon‒coated Mn/Cu/Ag 10%2040Aw/Mn/Cu/Ag (10%)
BCaCO3CaCO3-coated Brass 1,000 ppmBrass/CaCO3

Method used to produce nano metal hybrid materials: A, radio frequency‒thermal plasma system; B, direct current sputtering system.

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