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Table. 7.

Table. 7.

Control effect of chemical management strategies for popcorn disease and mulberry sucker in 2018

TreatmentPopcorn diseaseMulberry sucker

Diseased fruitsa (%)Control value (%)Damaged leavesa (%)Control value (%)
Integrated controlb03.3 a89.30.00 a100
Conventional controlc10.3 b66.700.0 a100
No treatment30.9 c-12.3 b-

Values followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P<0.05 based on Duncan’s multiple range test.

(1) Hexaconazole•thifluzamide→(2) sulfur→(3) dinotefuran→(4) amitraz+thiophanate-methyl•triflumizole→(5) dinotefuran+thiophanatemethyl•triflumizole.

Popcorn disease was treated thiophanate-methyl•triflumizole and mulberry sucker was treated dinotefuran by conventional control.

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