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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Occurrence of major diseases observed on mulberry plants in Jeonbuk province from 2017 to 2018

YearDiseases speciesRank of damageDisease rate (%)Occurrence periodPlant part affected
2017Sclerotinia shiraiana, Scleromitrula shiraiana10.08 (0–0.3)aMay–JunFruit
Fusarium lateritium20.1 (0.1–0.1)bMar–JunTwig, flower buds
2018Sclerotinia shiraiana, Scleromitrula shiraiana16.6 (0–31.5)aMay–JunFruit
Aecidium mori26.0 (0–33.4)bMay–JunLeaf, Fruit
Fusarium lateritium31.4 (0–28.8)bMar–AprTwig, flower buds
Phloeospora maculans40.1 (0–2)aFrom JunLeaf
Phyllactinia moricola50.4 (0–11.3)bFrom JunLeaf

Diseased fruits rate (%).

Diseased leaves rate (%).

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