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Fig. 4.

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Fig. 4.

Schematic diagram of exogenous application dsRNA. (A) Top: Naked dsRNA was either inoculated with a homologous virus or dsRNA was sprayed onto the leaf followed by virus inoculation. Double-stranded RNA delivered to the plant cell provides RNAi-mediated protection for up to 5 days postspray. Bottom: Clay nanosheets loaded with dsRNA are sprayed onto the plant and inoculated with the homologous virus. Increased stability triggers efficiency of protection for up to 20 days postspray. (B) Exogenous application of naked dsRNA protects Arabidopsis plants from TCV. Arabidopsis plants were sprayed on day 0 and challenged with TCV on treated leaves at 5 days post-treatment. Leaf crinkled symptoms were observed 14 days postinoculation. Sprayed with water, TCV only, and sprayed with naked dsRNA homologous to CP of TCV.

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